Proofreading Obsession

I should come with a warning label: “Caution! This person has spell-check and is Not Afraid to Use It!” I have been known to correct signs without a second thought. I have erased letters on chalkboards (it’s Not a “Cheff Salad”), or rearrange stick on letters (“Freinds & Family Event”). I try to do these things discretely. For example, the people at one place of employment probably still have no idea who corrected the sign in the break room, asking people to save “Moveing Boxes.”

Occasionally, when it isn’t possible to be anonymous, I will send an email. I’m very polite about it. I always start with “I’m sure you already know this, but (Because they probably already do–I’m not the only one who can spell.) …”I noticed your printer misspelled something on the postcard you sent out” (Supply a scapegoat so they don’t feel singled out. But – ye gods! A postcard? Talk about public humiliation!).

Then, just in case they Hadn’t noticed or have no idea which word is misspelled, I give them the correction: “Your Invited should be You’re Invited.” Surprisingly, I never even got a thank you from the Major Car Dealership.

It’s a thankless job. But – someone’s got to do it.

And – just in case anyone is interested – yes, I am available for hire.

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